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Florida Real Estate Academy, a real estate school offering courses to help you earn your Real Estate License.

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“Now, I can fully appreciate your suggetions regarding preparing for the state exam. Your "Cram for the Big Exam" was a great resource!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that may assist you in understanding the real estate licensing procedure in Florida and how online real estate courses operate.

If you have any questions about licensing procedures or our online real estate courses, please give us a call at 850-542-0800 or contact us using our Contact form on our website.

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General Info

Q: Once I enroll, can I begin the course right away?
Q: Is there anyway to obtain a Florida real estate license without having to take the pre-license course?

Generally, all applicants must complete a required pre-license course, either online or in-person.  If a non-resident of Florida already has a real estate license from another state that is classified as a mutual recognition state, then that person is excused from the requirements of a pre-license class.  The mutual recognition applicant takes a state exam of 40 questions on Florida law only.  Please call us if you think you may qualify under mutual recognition rules.

The mutual recognition states include Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana,  Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

Also, persons with a 4-year college degree in real estate and members of the Florida Bar are not required to take a pre-license course.

Q: What do I have to do to obtain a Florida Real Estate License?
Q: Does my application have to be submitted before I register for a pre-license course?
Q: What if I donít pass the online course exam?
Q: What if I have questions or donít understand a concept in the online course?
Q: What if I want additional preparation for the state exam after I complete the online course?
Q: What if I have questions about the Florida Real Estate Academy before I order a course?
Q: Can I switch to an in-person class if I don't like studying online?